Established in 1967

FALKEN – more than 50 years of Made in Germany.

Am Bahnhof 5
DE-03185 Peitz


Falken was founded in 1967 at the time of the GDR under the name VEB Falken Registraturen in Peitz. After reunification, the company was sold by the Treuhand to the paper wholesaler Günter Becker and taken over by Herlitz AG in the 1990s. In 2012, the Swiss group Biella bought the company, then in 2019, the Exacompta-Clairefontaine group, decided to acquire it and specialize its production.
With a capacity of more than 100 million binders per year, Falken is the largest lever arch file manufacturing plant in the world. The company is based in Peitz, Brandenburg, and employs 300 people. Falken is also one of the largest employers in the region. Its geographical location in Germany is extremely important and is now an asset.
Falken sells products under the Falken and Biella brands as well as many private labels in Germany and Europe. For 50 years, the Falken brand has been synonymous with quality and an excellent price/quality ratio. It covers a large number of organisational products such as binders, folders, but also suspension files.

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