Madly, Maildor, Décopatch, Avenue Mandarine



House established in 1993

Company specialized in the conception of creative leisure products.

Madly SAS, 6 rue Henri Becquerel – 69740 GENAS - FRANCE

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Madly SAS is a company specialised in the conception of creative leisure products.
It's a subsidiary of Clairefontaine Rhodia, located in Genas (near Lyons). MADLY has a production, marketing and logistics unit, dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution of creative leisures intented for the general public and professionals.
In 2014, the company has grouped together three major brands in the field of creative leisure : Decopatch, Avenue Mandarine and Malidor.
Madly has been manufacturing accessories and paper for creative leisures sine 1993 and produces items for its brands or on behalf of its clients : Decopatch paper, gift paper, crêpe paper, silk paper, paper for posters, fluo paper, wax paper, tracing paper, corrugated cardboard, paper used by florists...
Madly teams take part in every step of the conception of a product, from the market research , sourcing, certifications, the manufacturing of a prototype to its logistics and marketing.

Creative design from the South

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