Quo Vadis

Quo Vadis

Editions QUO VADIS (EQV)

Established in 1952

Specialist of time management and inventor of the weekly diary in just one look : the "Agenda Planing".

Editions Quo Vadis, 14 rue du Nouveau Bêle – BP 5301 – 44477 Carquefou Cedex - FRANCE


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Created in 1952 by Doctor Beltrami, Editions Quo Vadis (EQV) is the specialist of time management and the inventor of the «Agenda Planning®», a revolutionary organisation concept that showed the week’s appointments vertically on a double page, making it possible to view the week at a single glance. For this, it won the award of merit for emblematic products of the 20th century during an exhibition at the Louvre Museum in 1962.
Over the decades, there have been many models for the various activity sectors, professions and markets. The diaries are printed and the covers crafted in the Carquefou factory in the Loire-Atlantique department. Eight million diaries are manufactured there each year in 15 languages, and distributed in 60 countries worldwide.

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