Forest is essential to Man and society.
A proper management of its ressources allows to protect it while ensuring ensure the renewal of wood, an indipensable resource.

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Buying Clairefontaine products correspond totally with the consumers’ growing environmental preoccupations. Among the range of products by Clairefontaine, some products can be distinguished by their numerous environmental qualities.

Thanks to its A4 Clairmail paper reams, the papermaking manufacturers have succeeded to develop a 60g paper absolutely perfect for copies and laser printing.Their main advantage is to allow to save 25 % of raw material as if an 80g paper was used. Its lightness allows to reduce the weight of sendings , which means it allows to send out less CO2 caused by their transport , and their reduced thickness saves room in archiving.

Located near Reims, the site of Everbal has been dedicated for more than 25 years to recycled papers. It's a forward-looking company which aims to totally re-use recycled paper without de-inking, optical brighteners nor chlorine bleaching. The manufacturing process used, nevertheless, allows a record level yield of 100 kilos of paper produced with only 106 kilos of recycled paper. This means, therefore, that there will be few waste to eliminate. Other manufacturing and de-inking processes involve a loss of fibers and notable charges of about 20 to 30%, meaning there will as much waste to get rid of. The Everbal site is ISO 9001 and has obtained APUR and BLUE ANGEL labels, as well as the label from the French water supply agency which garantees Environment respect and proper use of water.

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Exacompta Clairefontaine has made environmental protection an integral part of its corporate strategy for 40 years now.
The main points of its environmental policy are:

• production sites at the leading edge of waste discharge limitation,
• pulp from sustainably managed forests,
• clean and converted energy,
• continuously promoted recycling.

The group has also signed The Global Compact which guarantees compliance, not only with environmental criteria such as the protection of biodiversity, but also ethical and social issues such as respect for Human Rights.

Nos certifications Exacompta Clairefontaine


As papermaking industry is highly water and wood fibers consuming, Clairefontaine integrates ecology in its company's strategy. All pulps come from forests certified for their environmental management and are produced from timber clearings, sawmill offcuts or cultivated forests.

Moreover, Clairefontaine participates actively in the development of forests in France by maintening several hundreds of hectares of firs and epiceas in the Vosges. The Vosges production site is 80% self-sufficient in electrical power and has its own biological station, winning thus one of the first "Trophee de l'eau" (sustainable use of water award) given by the State. Clairefontaine notebooks are of course completely recyclable. Every step of the life cycle of the products is taken into account, from the selection of the wood, the manufacturing till the processing of the final product.

The international certification ISO 14001 has been put in place in most of the sites of the Group.
Since 2005, pulps come from forest certified
for their environmental management (PEFC™ label, FSC® certified wood).
It favours the maximum tree growth and enables the absorption of CO2.

PEFC - Exacompta Clairefontaine
FSC - Exacompta Clairefontaine
Siegel Blau uz14a - Exacompta Clairefontaine
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Iso 14001 - Exacompta Clairefontaine

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